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Haddon, Thomas Arthur237095Royal Field Artillery
Hales, Frederick william119592Royal Field Artillery
Hall, ArthurPrivate3rd Northamptons
Hall, ArthurPrivate2010194th Northamptons
Hall, ArthurCorporal125905th Northamptons
Hall, Arthur AlfredPrivate6th Northamptons
Hall, Cecil64182Machine Gun Corps
Hall, CharlesPrivate2011931st Northamptons
Hall, Charles PercivalPrivate274478Motor Transport, ASC
Hall, Ernest HarryPrivate21108423rd Rifle Brigade
     formerlyCorporal70506823rd Londons
Hall, FrankPrivate150482Motor Transport, ASC
Hall, Frederick WilliamPrivate2873752nd Royal Sussex
Hall, Frederick William35240East Kents, The Buffs
Hall, George HenryLieutenant31 Training Corps, RFC
Hall, HarryA/Corporal479010Royal Army Medical Cps
Hall, Herbert SidneyRoyal Navy Sick Bay
Hall, James WLance Cpl26254Machine Gun Corps
     formerly8th Northamptons
Hall, Oliver DouglasPrivateM206238Motor Transport, ASC
Hall, SenPrivate1st Northamptons
Hall, Thomas HenryDriver172618Royal Field Artillery
Hall, WalterPrivate5th Northamptons
Hall, WalterTrooperNorthants Yeomanry
Hall, WalterPrivate47402Lancashire Fusiliers
Hall, WilliamPrivate488121Labour Corps
Hardwick, Frederick Geo.Private2054662nd Norfolks
Hardwick, MortonPrivate4th Northamptons
Hardwick, MortonLance Cpl499284436th Agricultural Coy
Harlow, George EdwardPrivate165601st West Kents
Harris, ErnestPrivate26632East Kents, The Buffs
Harris, WalterPrivate52478East Lancashires
     formerly53138Lancashire Fusiliers
Harrison, ArthurPrivateSuffolks
     formerlyArmy Service Corps
Harrison, ErnestAble Seamn7252nd Res Btn, Aldershot
Harrison, John HenryPrivate192081Motor Transport, ASC
Harrison, William ArthurDriver185069Army Service Corps
Hart, JosephPrivate38462119th Labour Corps
Hartwell, WilliamPrivate74229Canadian Infantry
Harvey, Alfred Leo FrancisPrivate10434Northamptons Regt Band
Hasseldine, HoracePrivate345522nd Leicesters
Hasseldine, JohnPrivate90253289th Coy, Machine G C
Hasseldine, SydneyAble SeamnR/6233'Anson' Btn, RNVR
Hasseldine, ThomasPrivate2054682nd Norfolks
Hatfield, CharlesPrivate3/10949B Coy, 7th Northamptons
Hatton, Fred CowtanPrivate348691Motor Transport, ASC
Haxley, George APrivate205456Norfolks
Haxley, Jack HerbertLance Cpl89380105th Coy, Machine G C
Haynes, John HenryPrivate12702321st Coy, Machine G C
Hazeldine, Andrew WalkerPrivate122730Machine Gun Corps
Hazeldine, ArthurPrivate458785th South Wales Bdrs
     formerlyM287788Royal Army Service Corps
Hazeldine, Ernest WalterLieutenant7th/10th Middlesex
Head, William ErnestPrivate376852nd (Garrison) Bedfords
Headland, Frederick AlbertPrivate40462Army Ordnance Corps
Hearn, Charles EdwardGunner179050321st Siege Battery, RGA
Heath, BernardPrivateGS7881111th Royal Fusiliers
     formerly37073East Surreys
Heath, Richard RaymondLance Cpl179583rd Northamptons
Higby, Arthur LewisPrivate277241st Northamptons
Higby, John BrackleyPrivate295187th Bedfords
Higby, RalphPrivate294747th Bedfords
Higby, Walter WilliamPrivate283813820th MT Coy, ASC
Hodson, Albert EdwardGunner1687115th Res Bde, RFA
Hodson, Leonard RalphPrivate5975Motor Transport, ASC
Hodson, Sidney JamesMT, British Red Cross
Holmes, Harold William1st Air Mech18032Royal Flying Corps
Holmes, Walter Harry2nd Private64491Royal Air Force
Horner, Arthur ErnestPrivate234034th Essex
Howard, MacPrivate2000565th Bedfords
Hunt, George WilliamPrivate281411st Northamptons
Hunt, L RPrivateNorthamptons
Hyde, HoraceFusilierGS78873Royal Fusiliers
Hyde, George ErnestAble SeamnR/638'Anson' Btn, RNVR