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Campion, CecilPrivate147368RAMC
Cater, Charles2028261st Norfolks
Chambers, CharlesPrivate639069(Young Soldiers) Queens
Chambers, Ernest WilliamPrivate406303Motor Transport, ASC
Chambers, FrederickPrivateAustralian Infantry
Chambers, JosephNorthants Yeomanry
Chambers, Richard4th Northamptons
Chambers, William WebbPrivate132161st Northamptons
Chantrell, CharlesPrivate145316th Northamptons
Chapman, William JohnPrivate283492nd Royal Dublin Fus
     formerly3491Suffolk Yeomanry
Childs, WilfridLance Corporal166502MAC
Clark, Albert EdwardGunner1687059th Btn, RGA
Clark, ArthurPrivateG/370597th Queens, R W Surrey
Clark, Arthur HubertPrivate185016th Northamptons
Clark, Cecil HarryPrivate431131st Bedfords
     formerlyPrivate1598Huntingdon Cyclists
Clark, HaroldPrivate4160012th Irish Rifles
Clark, HughPrivate4th Northamptons
Clark, Ivan Stanley2nd Air Mech62170Royal Air Force
Clark, JamesPrivate367104th Norfolks
Clark, John WilliamPrivateG/5049512th Middlesex
     formerlyPS11305Royal Fusiliers
Clark, William5843Royal Garrison Artillery
Clarke, ArthurPrivateG/4284916th Middlesex
Clarke, A HPrivate18501Northamptons
Clarke, C HPrivate43113Bedfords
Clarke, Cyril JamesPrivate2011002nd Northamptons
Clarke, HubertPrivateNorthamptons
Cobley, Charles William18346Northamptons
Cobley, Ernest3462811th Suffolks
Cobley, Richard (Dick)Private2028381st Norfolks
Cobley, WilliamPrivate8th Northamptons
Coggins, HaroldLieutenantRoyal Air Force
Coggins, HarryGunner85823Royal Field Artillery
Coggins, LeonardDriver945137Royal Field Artillery
Coggins, Thomas Lionel GChauffeur288921B R C S
     formerlyPrivate288921Motor Transport, ASC
Coggins, WalterPrivate448332nd Borders
Coles, Arthur JamesAble SeamanR/637Royal Naval Division
Coles, CharlesPrivate1st Northamptons
Coles, ChristopherPrivate321389Motor Transport, ASC
Coles, EzraPrivateRoyal West Kents
Coles, Frank AllstonGunner16870412th M Bty, RGA
Coles, George Alfred TGunner17878440th Siege Bty, RGA
     formerly337th Siege Bty, RGA
Coles, Herbert GeorgeFusilier6569812th Royal Fusiliers
Coles, Jack ChapmanRiflemanA20482211th Kings Royal Rifles
Coles, John JamesPrivateG138791st The Buffs, E Kents
Coles, Luther William Gunner102340Royal Garrison Artillery
Coles, Sidney ErnestPrivate303248Motor Transport, ASC
Coles, Walter397463Motor Transport, ASC
Coles, WilliamCorporal425018th Kings Royal Rifles
Coles, WilliamCorporal182593rd Northamptons
Collins, Ezra DennisPrivate2054552nd Norfolks
Cooper, George Hastings262420The Buffs, East Kents
Cooper, James GeorgePrivate426142nd Lincolns
Cope, Sidney James, MMPrivate477195Royal Canadians
Copperwheat, ArthurPrivate658585th Suffolks
     formerly3rd Suffolks
Copson, Alfred30920Queens Roy West Kents
Copson, Alfred ThomasPrivate666944Labour Corps
     formerly20447710th Sherwood F'sters
Corby, W APrivateNorthamptons
Cox, Claude2nd Air Mech69857Royal Air Force
Cox, Ralph WPrivate30575Northamptons
Cresswell, Charles HenrySergeant257246274th R'way Coy, RE
Cross, William J BottomsPrivate3171321st Northumberlands
Cunnington, GeorgeGunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery
Cunnington, William G JGunner116036Royal Garrison Artillery
Curtis, Arthur RobertPrivate620221Labour Corps
     formerlyPrivate309143rd Northamptons
Cuthbert, ErnestPrivate2009984th Northamptons
Cuthbert, FrederickPrivate3/86521st Northamptons
Cuthbert, HerbertPrivate360310Kings (Liverpools)
     formerlyPrivateNorthants Yeomanry
Cuthbert, JamesGunner102128Royal Garrison Artillery
Cuthbert, James ArthurPrivate80951st Northamptons
Cuthbert, OwenTrooperNorthants Yeomanry
Cuthbert, OwenPrivate169436Machine Gun Corps
     formerlyPrivate145532DofLancasters Own Yeo
Cuthbert, Percy103906Machine Gun Corps
Cuthbert, RalphPrivate2001494th Northamptons
Cuthbert, Samuel FPrivate7260Gloucesters
Cuthbert, WilliamPrivate2009714th Northamptons