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Bailey, CecilGunner207906Royal Field Artillery
Bailey, Ernest HedleyPrivate13141234th Coy, MGC
Bailey, Frederick WilliamPrivate416831st South Staffs
Bailey, Thomas StanleyFusilier63838Royal Fusiliers
Baker, Charles MCorporal138560Tunnellers, R Engineers
Baker, JohnAble SeamanR/4930"Hood" Btn, RNVR
Ball, JohnGunner2369944A Res Bde, RFA
Ball, ThomasRifleman4159215th Royal Irish Rifles
Bamford, John HenryPrivate36743Royal Army Medical Corps
Bamford, Samuel AlbertPrivate17023HMS "Emp.of India", RMLI
Bamford, Thomas WilliamPrivate275682nd Northamptons
Barnes, George HenryPrivate42966Motor Transport, RASC
Barringer, Jack WilliamA/Corporal828280Royal Army Medical Corps
Barringer, Joseph Percy7837Guards Machine Gun Regt
Barritt, AlbertPrivate2054582nd Norfolks
Barritt, Oliver JohnPrivateS/101309th Seaforths
     formerly95955Royal Field Artillery
Bates, HerbertPrivate2029752nd Northamptons
Bates, William BadenPrivate103221Middlesex
Beeby, HarryDriver185051238th MT Coy, ASC
Beeby, JohnPrivate306792Bky.Sec, ASC
Bellamy, Eric MilesPrivate51550Royal Army Medical Corps
Bellamy, HarveyPrivate51549Royal Army Medical Corps
Bettles, John WilliamA/Sergeant2250614th Northamptons
Bettles, Thomas HarrisPrivate3466111th Suffolks
Bettles, Thomas Richard3rd Air Mech100862Royal Air Force
Bettles, WalterPte/Saddler114138Royal Field Artillery
Bettles, WSergeant225061Northamptons
Betts, Ernest EPrivate3rd Northamptons
Betts, Ernest EdwardPrivate226091st (Garrison) Essex
Betts, HaroldSergeant616278th Leicesters
     formerlyNorthants Yeomanry
Betts, HenryFusilierS/460260Army Service Corps
     formerlyPrivate5820Royal Irish Regiment
     formerlyPrivate25068Royal Irish Fusiliers
     formerlyPrivate40719Royal Inniskillings
Billington, RolandDriver123714S.S., Royal Field Artillery
Bird, GeorgePrivateRoyal Garrison Artillery
Bolton, George WilliamPrivate2054532nd Norfolks
Bond, JamesPrivate300105th Royal Inniskillings
Bottoms, George EdwardPrivate145943Northants Yeomanry
Bottoms, WNorthants Yeomanry
Bouch, John Liddell11776Coldstream Guards
Bouch, WilfridPrivate168637th Canadians
Brandon, HPrivateNorthamptons
Brandon, John(athan)Private18224Northamptons
Brawn, GeorgePrivate184598th Northamptons
Brawn, JamesPrivate99061st Northamptons
Brawn, WilliamPrivate160526Army Service Corps
     formerlyPrivateRoyal Horse Artillery
     formerlyPrivate481564th Northamptons
Brayfield, SamuelPrivate109Royal Army Medical Corps
Brightwell, HaroldPrivate93072Labour Corps
     formerlyPrivate25371Duke of Cornwall's L I
     formerlyPrivate363457936th A E Coy
Brittin, George109593Royal Air Force
Brown, DavidPrivate2427065th East Kents, The Buffs
Brown, Ellis Charles240938436th Ag. Coy
Brown, Francis HubertPrivate66372Machine Gun Corps
Brown, George WilliamPrivate78820Tank Corps
Brown, John GeorgePrivate27588Ox & Bucks Light Infantry
Bugby, AlfredPrivate170627th Northamptons
Bugby, Benjamin CGunner109307Royal Garrison Artillery
     formerlyDriver95953Royal Field Artillery
Bugby, ErnestPrivate8937531st Coy, M Gun Corps
Bugby, HarryPrivate611511Labour Corps
     formerlyPrivate2022174th Yorkshires
Bugby, HoracePrivate717761st Sherwood Foresters
Bunting, Charles FPrivate2001704th Northamptons
Burgin, JackPrivate184544th Northamptons
Burgin, WilliamPrivate8th Northamptons
Burgin, WilliamPrivate2773586th Essex
Burrows, Arnold HayesCaptain6th Northamptons
Burrows, WilfridLieutenantRoyal Army Medical Corps
Burton, ArthurPrivate75437th Northamptons
Burton, Algernon Reg.PrivateM404555Army Service Corps
      formerlyPrivate2044346th East Kents, The Buffs
Burton, CecilPrivate3/86451st Northamptons
Burton, FrederickPrivate125705th Northamptons
Burton, HerbertPrivateRoyal Army Medical Corps
Burton, Horace3rd Air Mech12649347th Bat Sec, RAF
Burton, JackGunner63436Royal Garrison Artillery
Burton, William HenryPrivate653045209th Coy, Labour Corps
     formerly2671069th Middlesex
Butler, George LewisPrivate1484310th East Kents, Buffs
Butler, Joseph RobertDriver211835Army Service Corps
Bywater, StanleyDetailstoFollow