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"Your Country Needs YOU!" - so said Lord Kitchener in his famous posters urging men to join during the early period of the Great War when it was known that thousands of extra troops would be needed to augment the regular Army and Territorials.

Hundreds of recruiting stations were set up in towns and cities the length and breadth of the country and Raunds was no exception. Here we list men known to have signed on the dotted line in Raunds. Most were from the town but not all.

Our first entries were those men who did not survive the conflict, but more names have been added as they are discovered, and the search continues. 

Abbott, TedRingsteadPte2029737th NorthantsSurvived
Allen, HenryRaundsCplG504964th MiddlesexKinA, 26/8/1918
Andrews, WilliamRaundsPte309136th NorthantsKinA, 1/7/1918
Archer, GeorgeRaundsPte264119th NorfolksKinA, 8/10/1918
Arnold, Harry MarkPte19905NorthantsSurvived
Bailey, Stanley ThomasFus63838Royal FusiliersSurvived
Briggs, CharlesLudford, LincsPte230543rd NorthantsDied, 19/3/1916
Burton, ArthurRaundsPte75437th NorthantsKinA, 18/6/1917
Caress, Henry GalePertenhall, BedsPte71831st LincolnsKinA, 14/9/1914
Coles, Enos OwenSwineshead, BedsSprWR273897Royal EngineersDied, 31/10/1918
Collins, Ezra DennisPte2054552nd NorfolksSurvived
Copperwheat, ArthurRaundsPte658583rd SuffolksSurvived
Culpin, William, Elton, NorthantsASgt75941st NorthantsKinA, 20/3/1916
Dams, WilfredBlatherwycke, NorthantsPte385429th EssexDofW, 19/9/1918
Edwards, Hubert ArchibaldPte2020384th EssexSurvived
Elliott, John WmRaundsPte407332nd Royal InniskillingsKinA, 1/4/1917
Gilbert, JasperRaundsPte2029822nd NorthantsKinA, 31/7/1917
Groom, AlfredPte6174122nd/19th LondonsSurvived
Groom, William HRaundsPte412701st/6th NorthumberlandsDied, 28/3/1918
Mayes, Albert ErnestGnr17275713th Siege Battery, RGASurvived
Orton, Fred MorrisPte2053361st/4th NorthantsSurvived
Parker, ErnestRaundsPte72072nd GloucestersKinA, 10/5/1915
Reynolds, CharlesRaundsGnr182441RHA/RFADofW, 6/11/1917
Rice, HarryRaundsPteG149407th Royal West SurreysKinA, 24/2/1917
Richards, Robert WRaundsPte201801st NorfolksKinA, 4/8/1917
Smith, SydneyRaundsPte508737th Royal FusliersDofW, 27/5/1918
Smith, William JAKettering, NorthantsPte89350Machine Gun CorpsKinA, 10/8/1917
Spicer, JackRaundsPte106730Machine Gun CorpsKinA, 21/9/1917
Talbot, Albert JohnPteTR1060952104th Training Reserve BtnSurvived
Warren, William ArthurPte312837th Yorks & LancsSurvived
Webb, George HDenford Ash, NorthantsPte2002981st/4th NorthantsDied, 7/9/1918
White, ErnestRaundsPte309206th NorthantsKinA, 5/4/1918
Whitmore, George JRaundsPte473392nd NorthantsKinA, 24/3/1918
DofW = Died Of WoundsKinA = Killed In Action