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Nash, DavidPrivate18305Northamptons
     formerlyRoyal Field Artillery
Neal, Arthur HenryPrivate54037South Staffordshires
Neville, HarryPrivate2009754th Northamptons
Nicholson, AlexanderPrivate187503rd Northamptons
Norris, FrederickL/Corporal222467th Northamptons
Norris, G WPrivate8th Northamptons
Norris, George WilliamPrivate6411315th Kings Own Y L I
Norris, Joseph ArthurPrivate436735th Northamptons
Northrop, George StanleyPrivate37112nd Lifeguards
Nunley, Harry BemanPrivate467877Labour Corps
     formerlyPrivate22036Queen's (Roy West Surreys)
Nunley, HerbertPrivate50150Suffolks
Nunley, HoracePrivate2031126th Northamptons
Nunley, Leslie BemanPrivate2006891st/4th Northamptons
Nunley, Stanley Fredk.Private640Exped Force Canteen, A S C
Nunley, WalterPrivate160892nd Northamptons
Nunley, WilliamA/L/Corpl2010394th Northamptons
Nurrish, ErnestPrivate8938755th Coy, Machine Gun Corps
Orton, Arthur HillsPrivate73446R.D.C.
Orton, Frederick MorrisPrivate205336Northamptons
     formerly78001Notts & Derbys
Orton, George MundinPrivate71452nd East Surreys
Parker, ErnestPrivate72072nd Gloucesters
Parker, FrederickPrivate9037432nd Coy, Machine Gun Corps
Parker, George WilliamPrivate66381Machine Gun Corps
Partrick, Frederick TPrivate17726Northamptons
Partridge, S FPrivate237888th Northamptons
Payne, Arthur ThomasDetailstoFollow
Payne, HerbertPrivate35471Yorks and Lancs
     formerly522567Royal Engineers
     formerly2297Royal Engineers Transport
Payne, WallacePrivate266357th East Kents
Payne, WilliamPrivate4th Northamptons
Peacock, Charles T168428th Bedfords
Peacock, GeorgePrivate5116912th Liverpools
     formerly42816Bedfords & Hertfordshires
Peer, JosephSergeant3/107914th Northamptons
Pell, HarrySergeantSD/338Royal Sussex
Pendered, CharlesPrivate133618Labour Corps
Pentelow, Ernest Fred.Gunner147464229th Siege Battery, R G A
Pentelow, FelixPrivate47686Welsh Regiment
     formerlyRoyal Engineers
Pentelow, FrankPrivate13/28862nd Aucklands, N Z E F
     formerlyA Sqd, Auckland Mounted Rif
Pentelow, George Wm.Private2028391st Norfolks
Pentelow, HaroldGunner63796Royal Garrison Artillery
Pentelow, JackPrivate321548th East Surreys
Pentelow, JackGunner95973Royal Field Artillery
Pentelow, John ThomasL/Corporal48263Royal Army Medical Corps
Pentelow, RalphPrivate4247112th Suffolks
Pentelow, RalphPrivate486758th Btn, Australian E F
Percival, Sidney ArthurPrivate28550Duke of Cornwall's Light Inf
Pettit, Arthur BensonPrivate115220Machine Gun Corps
Pettit, ErnestPrivateNorthants Yeomanry
Pettit, FredPrivate2054485th Norfolks
Pettit, John Arthur255893Army Service Corps
Pettit, Walter CecilA/Corporal234575Royal Air Force
Pettitt, GeorgePrivate309046th Northamptons
Pettitt, WallaceL/Corporal78343429th Londons
     formerlyG508748th Royal Fusiliers
Phillips, Arthur JamesL/Corporal407552nd Inniskillings
Plant, John James Wm.Sergeant2009651st/4th Northamptons
Price, Charles WilliamSergeant1080M P C
Price, HenryGunner102138Royal Garrison Artillery
Putt, Walter89390Machine Gun Corps