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Dams, WilfredPrivate385429th Essex
Darlow, George WilliamPrivate8168th Australian Light Horse
Davis, Walter2nd Private192253Royal Air Force
Dickerson, Frederick JPrivatePS1131828th Royal Fusiliers
Dickerson, Stanley71392Royal Fusiliers
Dicks, WilliamPrivate3rd Northamptons
Dicks, William22594Essex
Dix, Charles Edward94036Middlesex
Dix, Frederick WalterPrivate38610Royal West Kents
     formerlyMotor Transport, A S C
Dix, JohnPrivate72721st Northamptons
Drage, JohnPrivate200239Northamptons
Drage, Joseph FrederickPrivate11161Northamptons
Draper, SamuelSergeant7th Northamptons
Draper, SamuelSergeant219811st Norfolks
Draper, WalterLance/Bdr17202Royal Garrison Artillery
Driver, RalphPrivate2420917th Royal West Kents
Dunmore, HarrySergeant2002124th Northamptons
Dunmore, Joseph HSergeant3/105496th Northamptons
Eady, LeviCorporal15515Royal Field Artillery
Eady, Robert Amos2nd Air Mech43528Royal Air Force
East, Herbert WilliamPrivate646Northants Yeomanry
Eaton, Ernest EliPrivate392942nd/1st Sussex Yeomanry
Edge, ThomasLance Corp27704th Devon & Cornwall
Edwards, Hubert Arch.Private2020384th Reserve Essex
Edwards, James WilliamPrivate2007474th Northamptons
Ekins, Leonard HerbertGunner198493Royal Garrison Artillery
Ellingham, EdgarPrivate23106Royal Army Medical Corps
Elliot, John WilliamPrivate407332nd Royal Inniskillings
Elliott, Ernest JohnPrivate175433rd Northamptons
Elliott, Thomas Fred.Private235005Suffolks
     formerlyPrivate2047774th Northamptons
Elliott, Raymond WalterA/Lance Corp131753Army Service Corps
Essam, LeonardPrivate60678Bedford & Hertfords
Evans, Thomas ReesPrivate37667Army Service Corps
     formerlyPrivate248719th Royal Sussex
Fairy, Arthur LlewellynPrivate2028431st Norfolks
Fairy, Harry Dickens FPrivate149381st Queens (R W Surreys)
Farr, DavidPrivate201520Cambridges
Farr, Percy ThomasPrivateR/452130456th Labour Corps
Farrar, ReginaldPrivateColdstreams
Farrar, WilliamPrivate
Farrer, Albert ReginaldPrivate1467Machine Gun Corps
Farrer, William CharlesGunner890406Royal Field Artillery
     formerlyGunner1434Royal Field Artillery
Felce, FrederickPrivate227272nd Northamptons
Felce, Harry JosephPrivate360069807th Labour Corps
Felce, Wiiliam Wilfred CPrivateG/14431Depot, East Kents, Buffs
Ferrar, Francis ThomasLance Corp137326th Queens (R W Surreys)
Ferry, Frederick JamesPrivate2025154th Berkshires
     formerlyPrivate17164th Northamptons
Ferry, Rennie BramwellOrd SeamanR/61792nd Reserve, R N Division
Ferry, Richard AmbrosePrivate20652Army Veterinary Corps
Field, Herbert CharlesPrivate425263rd Sth Wales Borderers
     formerlyPrivate63780Welsh Regiment
Finding, HarryPrivate294601st Bedfords
Finding, HoracePrivate529153682nd Agricultural Corps
Finding, WilliamCorporal19851Northamptons
Fitzhugh, RichardPrivate2009994th Northamptons
Flavell, Ernest JohnPrivate42669613th Quebecs, Canadians
Flavell, George Benj.Private42669513th Quebecs, Canadians
Fox, Arthur OwenPrivate90252128th Coy, Machine G C
Frankham, Robert Art.Trooper1459051st Northants Yeomanry
Freeman, Jack RolandPrivate713853Queens (R West Surreys)
Garner, Frederick JamesPrivate71272nd East Surreys
Gates, ErnestPrivate154152Labour Corps
     formerlyPrivate174513rd Northamptons
Gates, FrederickSergeant169726th Northamptons
Gates, Walter CPrivate158176th Northamptons
Gaunt, ErnestRoyal Air Force
George, Stanley OswynL/Sergeant335407th Bedfords
Gilbert, Jasper SydneyPrivate2029822nd Northamptons
Gilbert, WalterPrivate35314East Surreys
Gillett, William ArthurSapperW27113412th LROC, Royal Eng
Goodman, Harold John.CorporalPO1469S1st Res, RM Light Infantry
Gordon, John WilliamPrivate3854110th Essex
     formerly3rd Essex
Gordon, Thomas WilliamPrivate160451st Northamptons
Gordon, WDrummer1st Northamptons
Green, BertiePrivate04321Hampshires
     formerly2054692nd Norfolks
Groom, AlfredPrivate6174122nd/19th Londons
     formerlyPrivate345682nd Leicesters
Groom, Arthur RolandCorporalB20044310th Rifle Brigade
     formerlyPrivate295177th Bedfords
Groom, Frank Leslie339067Bedfords
Groom, Lot2nd Private12434131st BS, Royal Air Force
Groom, Percy122682Sherwood Foresters
Groom, RichardPrivate65341st Northamptons
Groom, Walter CyrilPrivate273997Motor Transport, ASC
Groom, William3rd Air Mech6371449th Btn Sec 5820, RAF
Groom, William Henry Private442761st/6th Northumberlands
Gunn, Herbert Randolph
Gunn, Horace FrancisPrivate93451st/5th Durham Light Inf
     formerly20144th Northamptons