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Several campaign medals were issued during the Great War and an individual's entitlement was determined by the service they were a member of and where and when they served. Here we list the medals known to have been awarded to Raunds men and women.

Gallantry decorations are also noted here but are listed separately in our "Roll of the Decorated"  

1914 = the 1914 Star (with Clasp) 

1415 = the 1914/15 Star

WAR = the British War Medal

VICT = the Victory Medal

Abbott, APte2671142nd/7th Sherwood ForestersWARVICT
Abbott, C RCpl30466115th TanksWARVICT
Abbott, GPte2039844th DevonshiresWAR
Abbott, TPte2029737th NorthantsWARVICT
Agutter, GWPte5207512th MiddlesexMM
Allen, C FPte5947325th Coy MGCSWB
Allen, HCplG504964th MiddlesexWARVICT
Allen, J (W)Pte40956Royal Dublin FusiliersWARVICT
Allen, J SPte409551st Royal Dublin FusiliersWARVICT
Allen, JDvr21015821st AC, Royal Field ArtilleryWARVICT
Andrews, APte126589Labour Corps1415WARVICT
Andrews, WPte309136th NorthantsWARVICT
Angood, FPteG8619419th MiddlesexWARVICT
Annies, R ECpl12179363rd Coy, MGCWARVICT
Archer, GPte264119th NorfolksWARVICT
Archer, JPte402859th NorfolksWARVICT
Archer, J SSpr14070888 Field Co Royal EngineersWARVICT
Archer, RPte181521st Northants1415WARVICT
Archer, WSgt614403Labour CorpsWARVICT
Arnold, F JLCpl12884Military Mounted PoliceWARVICT
Arnold, H MPte19905NorthantsWARVICT
Arnold, HFus44278Northumberland FusiliersWARVICT
Arnold, LPte227132nd NorthantsWARVICT
Asberry, HPte34076372nd MT, Army Service CorpsWARVICT
Ashby, J W VLCpl183771st Northants1415WARVICT
Askham, W EGnr157094Royal Garrison ArtilleryWARVICT
Askham, TGnr56739135th, Royal Field Artillery1415WARVICT
Atkins, WPte203387MT, Army Service CorpsWARVICT
Bailey, CGnr207906Royal Field ArtilleryWARVICT
Bailey, E HPte13141234th Bn, MGCWARVICT
Bailey, F WPte416831st South StaffordshiresWARVICT
Baker, C MCpl138560Tunnelling Coy, Royal EngineersWARVICT
Ball, TRfn4159211th Royal Irish RiflesWARVICT
Bamford, J HPte36743Royal Army Medical Corps1415WARVICT
Bamford, T WPte275682nd NorthantsWARVICT
Barritt, O JPteS101309th Seaforths1415WARVICT
Bates, HPte2029752nd NorthantsWARVICT
Beeby, HDvr185051238th MT Coy, ASCWARVICT
Bellamy, E MPte51550Royal Army Medical Corps1415WARVICT
Bellamy, HPte51549Royal Army Medical Corps1415WARVICT
Bettles, J WA/Sgt2250614th NorthantsWARVICT
Bettles, T HPte3466115th SuffolksWARVICT
Bettles, WaltPte114138Royal Field ArtilleryWARVICT
Bettles, WmSgt225061NorthantsWARVICTMM
Betts, E EPte226091st Essex1415WARVICT
Betts, HSgt616278th LeicestersWARVICTMM
Betts, HFusS460260Army Service CorpsWARVICT
Billington, RDvr123714Royal Field ArtilleryWARVICT
Bolton, G WPte2054532nd NorfolksWARVICT
Bond, JPte300105th Royal InniskillingsWARVICT
Bottoms, G EPte145943Northants YeomanryWARVICT
Bouch, JPte11776Coldstream Guards1415WARVICT
Bouch, WPte168637th Canadians1415WARVICT
Brandon, JPte18224NorthantsWARVICT
Brawn, G HPte184598th Northants1415WARVICT
Brawn, JPte99061st Northants1914WARVICTCLASP
Brawn, WPte160526Army Service CorpsWARVICT
Brayfield, SPte109Royal Army Service Corps1415WARVICT
Brightwell, HPte93072936th A E Coy, Royal EngineersWARVICT
Brown, DPte2427065th East Kents, The BuffsWARVICT
Brown, F HPte66372Machine Gun CorpsWARVICT
Brown, G WPte78820Tank CorpsWARVICT
Brown, J GPte27588Ox & Bucks L IWARVICT
Bugby, APte170627th Northants1415WARVICT
Bugby, B CGnr109307Royal Garrison Artillery1415WARVICT
Bugby, EPte8937531st Bn, MGCWARVICT
Bugby, HarryPte2022174th YorkshiresWARVICT
Bugby, HoracePte717761st Sherwood ForestersWARVICT
Bunting, C FPte2001704th Northants1415WARVICT
Burgin, JPte184544th Northants1415WARVICT
Burgin, WPte2773586th EssexWARVICT
Burrows, A HCapt6th Northants1415WARVICT
Burton, ArthurPte75437th Northants1415WARVICT
Burton, Alg RPte2044346th East Kents, The BuffsWARVICT
Burton, CPte3/86451st Northants1914WARVICTCLASP
Burton, FPte125705th Northants1415WARVICTMM
Burton, W HPte653045209th Coy, Labour CorpsWARVICT
Butler, J RDvr211835Army Service CorpsWARVICT
Campion, CPte147368Royal Army Medical CorpsWARVICT
Cater, CPte2028261st NorfolksWARVICT
Chambers, W WPte132161st Northants1415WARVICT
Chantrell, CPte145316th Northants1415WARVICTMM
Chapman, W JPte283492nd Royal DublinsWARVICT
Childs, WLCpl166502M.A.C.WARVICT
Clark, A EGnr168705Royal Garrison ArtilleryWARVICT
Clark, ArthurPteG370597th Queens, R W SurreysWARVICT
Clark, A HPte185016th Northants1415WARVICT
Clark, C HPte431131st BedfordsWARVICT
Clark, HPte4160012th Irish RiflesWARVICT
Clark, J WPteG5049512th MiddlesexWARVICT
Clarke, APteG4284916th MiddlesexWARVICT
Clarke, C JPte2011002nd NorthantsWARVICT
Cobley, EPte3462811th SuffolksWARVICT
Cobley, R (Dick)Pte2028381st NorfolksWARVICT
Coggins, HGnr85823Royal Field Artillery1415WARVICT
Coggins, LDrv945137Royal Field ArtilleryWARVICT
Coggins, T L GPte288921Motor Transport, ASC1415WARVICT
Coles, J CRfnA20482211th Kings Royal RilfesWARVICT
Coles, J JPteG138791st East Kents, The BuffsWARVICT
Coles, L WGnr102340Royal Garrison ArtilleryWARVICT
Cooper, J GPte426142nd LincolnsWARVICT
Cope, S JPte477195Royal Canadians1415WARVICTMM
Copson, A TPte20447710th Sherwood ForestersWARVICT
Cox, R WPte30575NorthantsWARVICT
Cross, W J B(ottoms)Pte3171321st Tyneside Scottish1415WARVICT
Cunnington, W G JGnr116036Royal Garrision ArtilleryWARVICT
Curtis, A RPte620221Labour CorpsWARVICT
Cuthbert, FPte3/86521st Northants1914WARVICTCLASP