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Several campaign medals were issued during the Great War and an individual's entitlement was determined by the service they were a member of and where and when they served. Here we list the medals known to have been awarded to Raunds men and women.

Gallantry decorations are also noted here but are listed separately in our "Roll of the Decorated"  

Dickerson, F JPtePS1131828th Royal FusiliersSWB
Dix, C EPte94036MiddlesexWARVICT
Dix, JPte72721st Northants1914WARVICTCLASP
Draper, SSgt219811st NorfolksWAR
Drage, JPte200239Northants1415WARVICT
Drage, J FPte3/11161NorthantsWARVICT
Driver, RPte2420917th Royal West KentsWARVICT
Dunmore, HSgt2002124th Northants1415WARVICT
Dunmore, J HSgt3/105496th Northants1415WARVICT
Eady, LCpl15515Royal Field Artillery1914WARVICTMM
East, H WPte646Northants Yeomanry1914WARVICT
Edwards, J WPte2007474th Northants1415WARVICT
Ekins, L HGnr198493Royal Garrision ArtilleryWARVICT
Ellingham, EPte23106Royal Army Medical CorpsWARVICT
Elliot, J WPte407332nd Royal InniskillingsWARVICT
Elliott, E JPte175433rd Northants1415WARVICTMM
Elliott, R WALCpl131753Army Service Corps1415WARVICT
Elliott, T FPte2047774th NorthantsWARVICT
Essam, LPte2047784th NorthantsWARVICT
Evans, T RPte248719th Royal Sussex1415WARVICT
Fairy, A LPte2028431st NorfolksWARVICT
Fairy, H D FPteG/149381st Queens (R W Surreys)WARVICT
Farr, DPte201520CambridgeshiresWARVICT
Farr, P TPte452130456th Labour CorpsWARVICT
Farrer, A RPte1467Machine Gun Corps1914WARVICT
Farrer, W CGnr890406Royal Field ArtilleryWARVICT
Felce, FPte227272nd NorthantsWARVICT
Felce, H JPte360069807th Labour Corps1415WARVICT
Felce, W W CPteG/14431East Kents, The BuffsWARVICT
Ferrar, F TLCpl137326th Queens (R W Kents)WARVICT
Ferry, F JPte2025154th BerkshiresWARVICT
Ferry, R APte20652Army Veterinary CorpsWARVICT
Field, H CPte42526South Wales BorderersWARVICT
Finding, HarryPte294601st BedfordsWARVICT
Finding, HoracePte529153682nd Agricultural CorpWARVICT
Finding, WCpl19851NorthantsWARVICT
Fitzhugh, RPte2009994th Northants1415WARVICT
Fox, A OPte90252128th Coy, MGCWARVICT
Frankham, R ATpr1459051st Northants YeomanryWARVICT
Garner, F JPte71272nd East Surreys1415WARVICT
Gates, EPte174513rd Northants1415WARVICT
Gates, FSgt169726th Northants1415WARVICTMM
Gates, W CPte158176th Northants1415WARVICT
George, S OLSgt335407th BedfordsWARVICT
Gilbert, J SPte2029822nd NorthantsWARVICT
Gilbert, WPte35314East SurreysWARVICT
Gordon, J WPte3854110th EssexWARVICT
Gordon, T WPte160451st Northants1415WARVICT
Green, BPte04321HampshiresWARVICT
Groom, APte6174122nd/19th LondonsWARVICT
Groom, A RCplB20044310th Rifle BrigadeWARVICT
Groom, RPte65341st Northants1914WARVICTCLASP
Groom, W CPte273997Motor Transport A S CWARVICT
Groom, W HPte442761st/6th NorthumberlandWARVICT
Gunn, H FPte93451st/5th Durham Light InfantryWARVICT