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Saddington, JosephPrivate3rd Northamptons
Saddington, ThomasPrivateArmy Service Corps
Saddington, Thomas WilliamPrivate18176Northamptons
Sanders, HarryPrivate163696Motor Transport, A S C
Sanders, John RobertPrivate427985th West Yorkshires
Sanders, RalphCorporal269716Motor Transport, A S C
Sansome, Arthur JohnPrivate2701056th Manchesters
Sansome, William27th Canadians
Saunders, John ThomasPrivate208685th Northamptons
Shallow, George FrederickPrivateG/21927East Kents, The Buffs
Shaw, Fred43298Royal Air Force
Shelmerdine, CharlesSergeant6th Northamptons
Shelmerdine, HarryPrivate40215Royal Engineers
Shrives, Frank HerbertPrivate2050547th Northamptons
     formerly1370Northants Yeomanry
Shrives, Frederick WilliamPrivate23126Royal Army Medical Corps
Sibley, HarryDriver211238Royal Field Artillery
Skelly, James WilliamSergeantCH/1396(S)1st Royal Marine Light Inf
Skinner, Alfred CharlesGunner145927Royal Garrison Artillery
     formerly166028Royal Field Artillery
Smart, Amos GeorgeSergeant427111Labour Corps
     formerly224228th Northamptons
Smart, HarryPrivate2054724th Norfolks
Smith, Albert30544Canadian Artillery
Smith, AlfredPrivate508778th Royal Fusiliers
Smith, Alfred CharlesPrivate4317Army Veterinary Corps
Smith, ArthurRoyal Fusiliers
Smith, DennisBugler483584th Northamptons
Smith, ErnestPrivate139381Machine Gun Corps
Smith, Fred AlfredOrdSmanZ/425363rd Royal Naval Division
Smith, Frederick WilliamPrivate2568014th Northamptons
Smith, PercyPrivate98411st Northamptons
Smith, RichardPrivate385379th Essex
Smith, SidneyCorporal2011014th Essex
Smith, SydneyPrivate508737th Royal Fusiliers
     formerly1140928th Royal Fusiliers
Smith, William HerbertPrivate83309Machine Gun Corps
     formerly4th Northamptons
Smith, William James APrivate89350107th Coy, M Gun Corps 
Spencer, Ernest SamuelCorporal2952551st (Res) Londons
Spicer, FrankPrivateRoyal Army Medical Corps
Spicer, FrankPrivate53371215th Londons
Spicer, JackPrivate106730122nd Coy, M Gun Corps
Spriggs, Charles HenryPrivate300685th Royal Inniskillings
Spriggs, GeorgePrivateLeicesters
Spriggs, JohnPrivate3rd Northamptons
Spriggs, ThomasSgtMajorNorthamptons
Spriggs, WilliamPrivate1st Northamptons
Standen, Thomas ReginaldSapper496839Royal Engineers
Stanton, Bertie NathanielPrivate281206th Cavalry Reserve
Stapleton, ArthurPrivate12525Northamptons
Stock, BenjaminPrivate8939311th Coy, M Gun Corps 
Stock, GeorgeAbSmanR/6479"Hawke" Btn, R N V R 
Stock, HarryPrivate45221/4 Seaforth Highlanders
Stock, WilliamCorporal202978South Staffordshires
Streather, RandolphSapper231790Royal Engineers
Stringer, BillPrivate2012782nd Northamptons
Stringer, Christopher M
Stringer, ErnestCorporal95972nd Northamptons
Stringer, John GeorgePrivate3/111076th Northamptons
Stringer, WilliamPrivate3rd/4th Northamptons
Stubbs, EckPrivate392213rd Coy, L'ndon Yeomanry
Stubbs, HarryPrivate224529th Royal Sussex
Stubbs, HerbertPrivate202998Northamptons
Stubbs, John HenryCorporal10th Middlesex
Stubbs, Phillip ErnestRiflemanR/18631Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Summerly, Albert ChapmanPrivate324244th Northamptons
Summers, AlbertDriverT4/14426937th Divisional Train, ASC
Sykes, Horace ReginaldPrivateMotor Transport, A S C
Sykes, HughSapperWR/204138ROD, Royal Engineers
Sykes, VincentACaptainMachine Gun Corps
     formerly2Leut'ntSherwood Foresters
Talbot, Albert JohnPrivate10/60952104th Training Reserve
     formerly1142428th Royal Fusiliers
Talbot, GilbertPrivate155104th Northamptons
Tanner, PercyPrivate89394Machine Gun Corps
Tanner, Sidney ArthurPrivate66377207th Coy, M Gun Corps
Tansley, Thomas EverittPrivate60114Royal Army Medical Corps
Taylor, WilliamPrivate65893Machine Gun Corps
Thurlow, George WilliamPrivateG/9661020th Middlesex
Tidbury, Francis SamuelPrivate186065th Northamptons
     formerly8th Northamptons
Titchmarsh, R "Fred"Private291792Northumberland Fusiliers
Tomlin, Frederick WalterPrivate6418536th Coy, M Gun Corps
Tomlin, Thomas AlfredPrivate2054642nd Norfolks
Twelftree, StanleyPrivate281313Motor Transport, ASC
Twelftree, Wilfrid HerbertPrivate2638991st Hertfordshires