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Several campaign medals were issued during the Great War and an individual's entitlement was determined by the service they were a member of and where and when they served. Here we list the medals known to have been awarded to Raunds men and women.

Gallantry decorations are also noted here but are listed separately in our "Roll of the Decorated"  

Walker, FFus78920Royal FusiliersWARVICT
Walker, G ASgt99805th Northamptons1415WARVICTMSM & MID
Walker, H LPte54565Royal Garrison ArtilleryWARVICT
Walker, RPteG237308th Queens, Royal West SurreysWARVICT
Ward, A EPte138893rd Northamptons1415WARVICT
Ward, HPte2011074th Northamptons1415WARVICT
Warner, FPte209638th NorthamptonsWARVICT
Warren, C R PCpl3065996th TanksWARVICT
Warren, H HPte556629Royal EngineersWARVICT
Warren, J C BGnr177823Royal Garrison ArtilleryWARVICT
Warren, W APte312837th Yorks & LancsWARVICT
Watson, PPte110Royal Army Medical Corps1415WARVICT
Webb, AFusGS5758126th Royal FusiliersWARVICT
Webb, EPte425299th YorkshiresWARVICT
Webb, GPte121792193rd Coy, Machine Gun CorpsWARVICT
Webb, GPteG8620618th MiddlesexWARVICT
Webb, G HPte2002981st/4th Northamptons1415WARVICT
Webb, H WPte407722nd InniskillingsWARVICT
Webb, J APte79451st Northamptons1914WARVICTCLASP
Webster, GPte427698th LincolnsWARVICT
Wheatley, A JPte407767th/8th InniskillingsWARVICT
Wheatley, W EPte299752Motor Transport, Army Service CorpsWARVICT
White, CPte349070Labour Corps1415WARVICT
White, EPte309206th NorthamptonsWARVICT
White, F APte512084th LiverpoolsWARVICT
White, R LSgt24390Machine Gun CorpsWARVICT
Whiteman, SLCpl3/86321st Northamptons1914WARVICTCLASP
Whiteman, WalterPteG221456th East KentsWARVICT
Whiteman, WilliamPte151277th Northamptons1415WARVICT
Whitmore, G JPte473392nd NorthamptonsWARVICT
Whitney, FGnr156550Royal Garrison ArtilleryWARVICT
Wilford, A ESgt3210796th City of London RiflesWARVICT
Wilmott, A JLCpl97901st Northamptons1914WARVICTCLASP
Wood, ErnestPte3/86311st Northamptons1914WARVICTCLASP
Wood, EvelynPte3430012th East SurreysWARVICT
Wood, RPte222478th NorthamptonsWARVICT
Wright, S G WGnr178108545th Siege Battery, RGAWARVICT
Wrighting, JPte28153rd Rifle Brigade1914WARVICT
Wrighting, WPte189817th Northamptons1415WARVICT
Yeomans, ALCpl168502nd Northamptons1415WARVICT
York, AGnr177886223rd Siege Battery, RGAWARVICT
York, FSpr210723S&CS, Royal EngineersWARVICT
York, HSpr79448Royal Engineers1914WARVICTMID & CLASP
Young, WPteG/13930The BuffsWARVICTSWB