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Raunds Men named on War Memorials, Rolls of Honour and family graves in other towns.

Another ongoing activity is to find instances of Raunds men named on the War Memorials, Rolls of Honour and family graves in other towns and villages. In some cases this is in addition to them being named on the Raunds War Memorial but in other cases this is instead of, for reasons yet to be discovered.

To date, we've found Raunds men named on the following War Memorials, Rolls of Honour and family graves in other towns and villages, (Northamptonshire unless stated) :

Ampthill Park, Bedfordshire, War Memorial : H Finding

Blatherwycke, Church Roll of Honour : W Dams

Burton Latimer War Memorial : G Lansom

Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Roll of Honour @ http://www.cccbr.org.uk/rolls/casualties/#F : A Fairy

Chopwell, County Durham, War Memorial : R Driver

Doddington, Cambridgeshire : A J Wilmott

Great Lumley, County Durham, (1) Christ Church and (2) the Welfare Hall, 6th Pit (memorial currently lost!) : E C Duffy

Hannington, Church of St Peter & St Paul War Memorial : O J Barritt 

Hargrave War Memorial : A Abbott

Higham Ferrers War Memorial : G H Hall

Hunstanton, St Leonard's, Norfolk, War Memorial : W Bouch

Irthlingborough War Memorial : S Whiteman

Kettering War Memorial : T W Bamford, L W Minkley, J H L Robinson, R Smith

Kimbolton School WW2 Roll of Honour, Cambridgeshire : I Coles, C E Eyles, J Tansley, L K Webb

Kimbolton School, Castle Chapel, Cambridgeshire : P E Stubbs

Kingswood School Roll of Honour, Bath : A H Burrows

London, St Paul's Cathedral, Great War Memorial Book of Church Bell-Ringers : A L Fairy  

Mepal, Cambridgeshire, War Memorial : F B Angood

Northampton, Abington Square War Memorial : A Summers

Northampton, All Saints Church, Central Northants Bellringers War Memorial : A L Fairy

Northampton, Church of the Holy Sepuchre, Northamptonshire Regiment Rolls of Honour/Books of Remembrance : WW1 : W Andrews, R Archer, J W V Ashby, T W Bamford, H Bates, J Brawn, A Bugby, A H Burrows, A Burton, C Burton, W W Chambers, C J Clarke, F Cuthbert, J S Gilbert, C Hall, A H Jervis, C Knight, W E Lawman, C W Layton, C A Major, N Norris, H Nunley, L B Nunley, G Pettitt, W E Richards, C Robins, J H L Robinson, F H Shrives, P Smith, E Stringer MM, F W Warner, G H Webb, J A Webb, E White, S Whiteman, W Whiteman, G J Whitmore, A J Willmott, E Wood, W Wrighting : WW2 : F A Abbott, R W Charlton, D Eaton, L D Morris, R Parkinson, H T Pentelow, T L Phillips, C H Prentice, H B Wheatley, R York      

Peterborough, St Peter's Training College War Memorial : S O George

Ringstead, War Memorial : C A Major, E Wood

Ringstead, Church Roll of Honour : C A Major, E Wood

Rowlands Gill Working Men's Club, County Durham, Roll of Honour : R Driver

Rushden, War Memorial : WW1 : J H Bamford, J Brawn, H F Gunn, C Hall, A H Jervis, G Pettitt, C H Spriggs, A J Wheatley ; WW2 : H B Wheatley

Rushden, Church Roll of Honour : J H Bamford, J Brawn, H F Gunn, A H Jervis, G Pettitt, A J Wheatley

Rushden, Newton Road Cemetery : E Ellingham

Stanwick, War Memorial : WW1 : W Andrews, J Brawn, A Burton, J W Elliott, E Jarvis, J Lawman, W Lawman, G W Thurlow, G Webb ; WW2 : K Johnson ; L M Morris, T L Phillips

Stanwick, Church Roll of Honour : WW1 : W Andrews, J Brawn, A Burton, J W Elliott, E Jarvis, J Lawman, W Lawman, G W Thurlow, G Webb ; WW2 : K Johnson, L M Morris , T L Phillips, H Rice

Thrapston Baptist Chapel Roll of Honour : F B Angood

Wellingborough War Memorial : C H Spriggs

Wollaston War Memorial : T Ball


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