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The Memorial Gardens were created after the 2nd World War as the new home for the Town War Memorial.

The relatives of a number of 1st and 2nd World War victims donated trees and shrubs that were planted in the gardens in their memory. A plaque sited on the retaining wall of the churchyard facing the War Memorial reads as follows :

"Trees and shrubs for this memorial garden were provided by relatives in memory of" :

F A Abbott ; J S Allen ; F C Bailey ; C J G Clarkson ; R Cobley ; I Coles ; C E Eyles ; W Hall ; C Mills ; H Pentelow ; H Prentice ; H Rice ; A E Richardson ; F H Shrives ; D R A Walker ; L K Webb ; H B Wheatley ; L A York.

A separate plaque commemorates the provision of the rose beds in the gardens from the Harold Lee bequest.