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Several campaign medals were issued during the Great War and an individual's entitlement was determined by the service they were a member of and where and when they served. Here we list the medals known to have been awarded to Raunds men and women.

Gallantry decorations are also noted here but are listed separately in our "Roll of the Decorated"  

Nash, DPte18305NorthamptonsWARVICT
Neal, A HPte54037South StaffordshiresWARVICT
Neville, HPte2009764th NorthamptonsWARVICT
Norris, FLCpl222467th NorthamptonsWARVICT
Norris, G WPte6411315th Kings Own, Yorkshire Light InfWARVICT
Norris, J APte436735th NorthamptonsWARVICT
Northrop, G STpr37112nd LifeguardsWARVICT
Nunley, Hry BPte467877Labour CorpsWARVICT
Nunley, HerbertPte50150SuffolksWARVICTMM
Nunley, HoracePte2031126th NorthamptonsWARVICT
Nunley, L BPte2006891st/4th NorthamptonsWARVICT
Nunley, S FPte640Exped Force Canteen, ASC1415WARVICT
Nunley, WalterPte160892nd Northamptons1415WARVICT
Nunley, WilliamALCpl2010394th Northamptons1415WARVICT
Nurrish, EPte8938755th Coy, Machine Gun CoWARVICT
Orton, F MPte205336Northamptons1415WARVICT
Orton, G MPte71452nd East Surreys1415WARVICT
Parker, EPte72072nd Gloucesters1914WARVICTCLASP
Parker, FPte9037432nd Coy, Machine Gun CoWARVICT
Parker, G WPte66381Machine Gun CorpsWARVICT
Partrick, F TPte17726Northamptons1415WARVICT
Payne, HPte35471Yorks & LancsWARVICT
Payne, WPte266357th East KentsWARVICT
Peacock, CSgt168428th Bedfords1415WARVICT
Peacock, GPte42816Beds & HertsWARVICT
Pell, HSgtSD/338Royal SussexWARVICTMM
Pentelow, E FGnr147464229th Siege Batt, R G AWARVICT
Pentelow, FelixPte47686Welsh RegimentWARVICT
Pentelow, FrankPte13/28862nd Aucklands, NZ Exped ForceWARVICT
Pentelow, G WPte2028391st NorfolksWARVICT
Pentelow, HGnr63796Royal Garrison ArtilleryWARVICT
Pentelow, Jack - 1Pte321548th East SurreysWARVICT
Pentelow, Jack - 2Gnr95973Royal Field Artillery1415WARVICT
Pentelow, John TLCpl48263Royal Army Medical Corps1415WARVICT
Pentelow, RalphPte4247112th SuffolksWARVICT
Percival, S APte28550Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry1415WARVICT
Pettit, A BPte115220Machine Gun CorpsWARVICT
Pettit, FPte2054485th NorfolksWARVICT
Pettitt, GPte309046th NorthamptonsWARVICT
Pettitt, WLCpl78343429th LondonsWARVICTMM
Phillips, A JLCpl407552nd InniskillingsWARVICT
Plant, J J WSgt2009651st/4th NorthamptonsMM
Price, HGnr102138Royal Garrison ArtilleryWARVICT
Putt, WPte89390Machine Gun CorpsWARVICT