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* Letters From The Front - correspondence from Raunds men during the Great War: 1914 / 1915 / 1916

* The Local Tribunals - the reports from the town and county appeals tribunals, created as a result of the coming of the Military Service Act 1916 and "conscription".

View  1916 , 1917 or 1918.

* The Belgian Refugees - how Raunds did its bit in welcoming and making homes for its unfortunate Allies from across the North Sea. 

* POW Tales - stories of Raunds prisoners of war during WW1.

* Gallantry Award Reports - many Raunds men received awards for gallantry and exceptional service during the Great War. Here are the reports of these awards as they appeared in the local press.

* A Tribute to Arthur Roland Groom - transcripts of his letters and postcards sent home during the final months leading up to his death. 

* A mini-biography of the military career of John Henry Knighton, veteran of the Boer War and Great War.

* A Tribute to Frederick Athol White - transcripts of letters sent to his mother just prior to, on, and soon after his death.

* Just What The Doctor Ordered! - the thanks that Dr Mackenzie received to his sendings of smokes and other little luxuries to the men at the front.

* War Prophecy - the forewarning of the Great War made in 1910 by a Raunds native living in Australia. 

* Raunds Volunteer Training Corps - the story of the ill-fated attempt to form a WW1 version of the Home Guard in the town.

* An Eye Witness Account - from a soldier home on convalescent leave in December 1914. He tells of the reality of life on the front line and also gives news of a missing Raunds soldier, Pte Cecil Burton.   

* The Scarborough Bombardment - how it affected 2 Raunds ex-pats.

* Raunds and the "Royal Edward" - how the sinking in 1915 of the troop ship deeply affected the town.

* The story of the 1937 PILGRIMAGE of family and friends to the WW1 battlefields, cemeteries and memorials in France and Flanders organised by the Raunds Branch of the British Legion.

* VERSE that accompanied the above story of the 1937 Pilgrimage.