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In early 2007 we completed our survey of the various memorials to and war graves of individuals that can be found at a number of sites in the town and our "Guide to the War Memorials of Raunds" is now available (see our "Publications" page).

The Guide details all of the memorials and war graves and where to find them but as a taster here's the list of the men and women included (a memorial unless stated otherwise):

St Peter's Church: Horace Bugby ; Jasper Sydney Gilbert ; John Brackley Higby ; Ralph Higby.

St Peter's Churchyard: Sam Brayfield ; Arthur Llewellyn Fairy ; Stanley Frederick Nunley (grave) ; Cornelius Robins (grave) ; Herbert Leonard Robinson ; William James Askham Smith ; Raymond William Vallance.

The Methodist Churchyard: John Stanley Allen ; Arthur Clark ; Frederick Cuthbert ; Arthur Roland Groom ; George Henry Hall (grave) ; Samuel & Hannah Jessie Hankin-Hardy (grave) ; Thomas Cecil Lansom (grave) ; Albert Charles Masters (grave) ; Fredric William Nichols ; Jack Pentelow (grave) ; Arthur Ernest Richardson ; Francis William Warner (grave).

Raunds Cemetery: Henry Allen ; William Andrews ; Thomas Ball ; Charles Arthur Boszeat ; Horace Bugby ; Cyril James Clarke ; "Dick" Cobley ; John James Coles (grave) ; Dennis Eaton ; John William Elliot ; Harry Finding ; Gavin Ashley Fountain (grave) ; Jasper Sydney Gilbert ; William Henry Groom ; John Brackley Higby ; Ralph Higby ; Edward Randolph Hodson ; Arthur James Knighton ; Jesse Lawman (grave) ; Walter Ernest Lawman ; Herbert Lawrence ; Arthur March ; William Moules ; Andrew David Murray (grave) ; Stanley Frederick Nunley ; Bernard Parkinson (grave) ; Robert Parkinson ; Brian Thomas Partrick ; Wallace Payne ; Harold Thomas Pentelow ; Thomas L Phillips ; Harry Rice (WW1) ; Harry Rice (WW2) ; William Ernest Richards ; Cornelius Robins ; Frank Herbert Shrives ; Edward William Turner ; Charles Archibald Vorley ; Derrick R A Walker ; Ernest Webb ; George Webb ; John Arthur Webb.

The Town Hall: in the Council Chamber is a memorial to Corporal Ernest Stringer, 2nd Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment, who was one of at least 13 Raunds men to be awarded the Military Medal during the Great War, but significantly one of just two who did not survive the conflict.        

* * * * * * * * * *

We've also discovered that there used to be a memorial to one of the town's Great War victims, Wallace Payne, in the former Primitive Methodist Chapel in Marshall's Road now used as the Roman Catholic Church. However, when the chapel closed in 1966 the memorial was removed and its fate or current location is unknown.

Anyone with information on this missing piece of Raunds history should contact Steve or Andy.

* * * * * * * * * *